A Winning Sample Of An Essay About Doctor

Doctors belong to one of the most noble and respectable professions. Their job requires them to study for an extensive length of time and work for long hours, all with this one single intention of serving humanity. As, many enter this profession after passing extremely difficult examinations and spending years training, this job requires a certain level of determination and passion for humanity that only a few may have.

Hippocratic Oath

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The Hippocratic Oath is basically a Greek medical text named as Hippocrates, who in western culture is also known as the father of medicine. Every physician is required to swear by this oath to uphold specific medical ethics and standards such as non-maleficence and confidentiality during his service. Although, this oath is only symbolic it holds a special place in the heart of those entering the profession of medicine.

Doctor Specializations

One may visit different doctors for different purposes. If you have a problem with you hearing you may go to an ENT specialized, whereas if you have acne issues you may want to see a dermatologist. This is because doctors after obtaining a certain level of medical education are required to specialize in a field of their choice. There are a large number of specialties to choose from. The pay scale also differs in each of these specialties, depending on which kind of doctor is in more demand in a specific country.

Responsibilities Of A Doctor

A doctor has always been given a special status in every society and is placed on the highest pedestal of ethical and moral brilliance. This profession requires a lot of altruistic qualities and the determination to constantly indulge in a mission for public service. However, with such respect come great expectations and responsibilities, where a doctor must be someone who sets a role model for the general public to follow. Although the doctor must have great knowledge about medicine and must possess the virtues of compassion, he must also follow what he preaches. Doctors are expected to lead a healthy and active lifestyle themselves before instructing their patients to do so.

Doctor and Technology

Just like in the case of any other profession, it is also important for a doctor to constantly educate himself or herself about the new advancements in education. As time passes by new diseases are developing and so are new ways of treating them. By constantly researching and being aware of such new changes a doctor will be better equipped in treating his or her patients. He must also be willing to take initiative, work on innovative research essays and engage in the use of new technology in order to become the best at his or her job.

Therefore, the reputation and skill of a doctor is not only achieved by his title only, but through years of practice, continuous growth and a professional character. A person may not be born to become a doctor, but with the right training and education can cure millions.