An Example Of A Perfect Essay About Travelling

There is over one billion people travelling or enjoying their holiday at this moment, though for different reasons. Not considering business and professional reasons, travelling is actually one of those rare activities which naturally puts a smile on us, relieves us and rejuvenates us. Even the thought and planning for a trip makes us happy.

Though we all love to travel, there are dissimilarities in our travel choices, plans and frequencies. But one thing is common – we all want to enjoy our trip. While enjoyment is very personal there are certain dos and don’ts which can influence our happiness.

Choosing the right travel partner(s) will make or break your vacation. If you are not a loner, then you should spend more time on who you want as your travel partner. Compatible people improve the vacation experience. If for some reason you can’t shake off your partner (especially for married couple) then you can always think of including like-minded friends in your trip. It is no fun bickering, sulking and be irritable while participating in an activity you want to enjoy.

Planning your trip is helpful but over-planning will kill it. You select a place after going through While selecting a place, you look at different other places before selecting. Going through all the details of the place might pose a problem. All the pictures, blogs, videos and the latest 360 degree photos of the place might kill your surprise. The place might seem too drab and familiar after visiting. Plan your stay and transport but not the itinerary - it is best to let certain things be unplanned. Even if you have a schedule, lose it once you reach the place.

Try not to book a hotel but a personal home stay or a community stay. This will allow more mingling with the local people and make new friends. It will help you to enjoy the place in its totality.

Staying with the locals also has its benefits - you might get to visit places hidden from normal tourist eyes, taste authentic local delicacies, get handicrafts and souvenirs at lesser prices and enjoy a host of other experiences which a normal tourist won’t get.

This has almost become a cliché, but it actually helps. Pack only the essentials for a trip – your medicines, recording device, a book and a minimum amount of cloths would be sufficient. Carry your debit card and cell phone for any emergencies though.

The best way to enjoy is not to worry – at least you can try not to. Lay back, soak in the environment and avoid things you encounter or do every day. This is the only way to enjoy a break or an escapade or a vacation!