An Example Of An Academic Essay About Computer

Since their invention in 1946, computers have seen much development and progress over the years. Computers have revolutionized our modern society; they’ve introduced new mediums of communication, quickened the rate at which we can get work done, and made our lives more convenient in many other ways. Here’s how computers and the technological advancements they’ve brought with them have changed our lives.

Computers Have Improved Our Means Of Sharing Information

Computers allow us to store a plethora of files and documents on one device. These files can be shared with others through different ways. Files can be transferred and passed on through removable storage devices, such as hard-drives and USBs. Furthermore, computers have granted us access to the internet, introducing a new portal for file sharing. Thus, we can send files to other people via the internet, through platforms such as e-mail or social media networks. This has proven to be far more convenient than sharing physical documents with people. If paper documents are to be shared, they have to be carefully sealed and then posted through a service. This is both time-consuming and costs free, whereas sharing files through the internet can be done immediately for no cost.

Computers Save Space

Unlike paper documents which all require their own physical space, digital documents take up only as much physical space as the device they’re stored on. This makes desks and work-stations less messy, and provides scripts with more security. While paper files can be damaged, torn, or worn over time, digital files are safe in the digital world. If the device they’re stored on is compromised, they can be recovered through back-ups. Documents can be backed up, on external devices or on server-based systems such as cloud-hosting websites.

The space-conservation offered by computers is also beneficial for book-lovers. E-books and pdf files of novels can be stored on computers, saving readers from the hassle of physically stowing hoards of books on shelves. Furthermore, many e-books are available for free online, which can save avid readers a lot of money.

Computers Have Catered To Many Advances

Monitoring and security systems, space technology, military technology, and so much more has all stemmed from the development of computers. Computer systems play host to this technology, everything from home-security systems to systems used to monitor outer-space activity is computer-based. These advances have made our lives safer, and also helped us to learn more about the world.

Advancements of computer systems have brought us many innovations, such as self-checkout options at the supermarket. Further progress is being made, with creations like artificial intelligence becoming a reality. It’s safe to say that computers have improved our lives in more ways than one, and they will continue to do so as more developments are made.