A Sample Essay About Music In My Life

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Music, at its core, is a series of sounds that have been organized and composed. Yet, for me, it holds so much more than that. Music can be a gateway to many emotions – it can make me feel happy, sad, excited, nostalgic, or even rejuvenated. Music can appeal to the senses, and can be used as a medium of expression, in a variety of ways.

Why do I listen to music?

In my life, I can find multiple reasons for listening to music. When I’m studying, I sometimes immerse myself within the rhythmic composure of an electronic pop song, in order to stimulate my mind, and keep it alert. Other times, when I just want to relax, I lean towards acoustics or folk music - something gentle and calm.

Then, is the music I listen to just to pass time; songs that carry a tune that I am fond of, and I keep them playing in the background when I’m travelling or on the move. For me, this includes alternative rock, soul, and sometimes even a little bit of pop. Above of all of this, though, are the best types of songs, which are those that you associate with fond memories. These are the songs that take me through the past, and I listen to them when I’m feeling down, and need something to lift my spirits.

Do I often listen to music?

Although I listen to my fair share of music, I would never say that I obsess over it. Music for me is an art that I hold onto, but only resort to in times when I feel like I need it. I never devote myself to an artist or a band, or even a genre. I tend to simply find a song that I like, and I latch onto it. It becomes a part of the small collection of songs that I listen to whenever I turn towards music.

In the occasions where I find myself not listening to music, I find alternatives that invoke the same feelings that listening to songs do. An example would be reading a book. Literature, like music, is another form of art, after all. A book can be thought-provoking, it can stir up emotions, and it can grant you the same wisdom that the lyrics of a song can. Other times, I do nothing at all. I don’t listen or read anything. I just allow my mind to carry itself, as I engage in deep thought.

Do I ask others to listen to music?

Of course. In my day to day life, I find myself again and again suggesting songs to my friends and family. After all, songs can affect a person in several ways, and in my opinion, can often lead someone to an understanding of themselves.

Music is a form of art that expresses itself in different ways to different people, and that is what I like most about it, and that is why it’s a part of my life.