Crafting an impressive essay - great tips and tricks

Whether you are a genius in English or Math, there is no doubt that you will as well want to become a top quality writer. As you work hard to complete your course, you will come across hundreds of essays which you will be called upon by your lecturer to craft. You therefore have to be prepared every time so that you do not have to panic when the question paper is on your desk.

Make a decent plan

There is no way you can come up with a good essay if you do not know how to sketch a plan. However, it is so unfortunate that most of the students never make a plan. Once the paper has been put on that desk, all they do is to start crafting. You have to make sure you go through your notes once or twice and mark or even underline the most important points.

Get information from reliable sources

One of the first things that a good writer will put in place is to ensure that he or she gets information that is reliable enough to defend his or her ideas. You should always ensure you have a list of reliable sources. If you do not have a clue, make sure you get either to your teacher, the librarian or a colleague student for aid. Read from as many sources as possible to avoid the small doubts from some of the readers.

Employ creativity and critical thinking

Essay writing is all about making the reader to believe the opinions you are defending. Therefore, you do not just have to write on the common subjects. You have to choose specific and unique topics and make sure you get adequate information to defend them. In order to make your essay interesting, you should employ creativity and critical thinking.

Start early

Essay writing does not take so long. This means that you have to make a good plan on how to utilize the little time you have. Simply start your work early enough so that you have an ample time to write and read through your work.


Once everything is ready, simply take a few minutes of your time proofreading your work. This will save you from presenting your work while the typing errors and spelling mistakes have not yet been corrected.